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Personal Projects

It's a simple game of 'Would you Rather' with the US elections in mind. Close to a quarter of a million people spent a long time on the site before the results of the election came out and we stopped caring and moved on to other things in life like heavy drinking. 

Anyway, if you want to waste some time on the internet then check out:



'Ink' is a collage of some of the letters my father wrote me over the years. The poem tries to capture the fading art of letter writing and pays homage to the man who taught me the art. The original poster is 33.1 x 46.8 inches and hangs on the wall of his study.


Dazed & Confused

Four 15-second films that capture instances of pure emotion while consuming content online. 

The project was based on the insight that when people laugh, cry or emote in other ways to what is on their phones or laptops they don't do it for an audience. Those emotions are pure and sincere. To capture those moments we put four willing volunteers in a dark room and filmed them for 30-minutes each with a playlist of videos, news articles or content of their choice. We captured those few seconds in which they completely forgot about the camera watching them and showcased those pure, unadulterated emotions.


The Light At The End: Short Story

This short story was first published on my blog in 2009 and is currently being adapted into a short animation film.


Sleep: Brand Manifesto

A manifesto explaining the importance of sleep. I wrote it to convince myself to go to sleep and work on whatever I was working on the next day.