Dear Diane,

Forget all the other candidates for Creative LIAisons, I'm the best and here are four reasons why:

1. You need someone young but experienced:
I'm 30 and apart from being a kick-ass copywriter, I've worked as a journalist, a cinematographer, a film editor, and a cook in an Indian restaurant. These are experiences you just cannot fake. 

2. You need someone creative:
Well, I could start with all the awards I've won as a creative from a D&Ad Pencil, ADC, Young Guns, One Show, to LIA Gold. Or I could talk about my personal projects like the Donald Trump website that went viral in Dec 2016.

3. You need someone fun:
Did I mention that I know how to juggle? And magic? Or that I speak 5 languages and can hurl insults in 4 more? Or that I used to take care of an orchard and four boisterous hens in a cottage in Paris? I'll be happy to regale you with many more such anecdotes.

4. You need a nice person:
Well go ahead and ask anybody who knows me and (hopefully) they'll say that I am one.

If you still have any doubts and want to see if I am serious about flying to the location shown on this map as a Creative LIAison, then let's have a chat and sort it out. And if you're interested to see more of my work then proceed to my portfolio.

Joy Chakravorty

PS: I could also get you some delicious homemade Indian food if you're open to bribes.